The Mission of Tattooed and Successful

Our mission at Tattooed and Successful is to empower the tattoo community and provide the opportunity to express oneself. We aim to shift the past stigma of tattoos in society by highlighting individualism.  Further, our brand represents a movement in which tattooed individuals better themselves both personally and professionally.

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The Inception of the Company

The inception of the company began when two friends were tired of being stereotyped for their tattoos.  As such, our passion for tattoos and success in life lead us to believe that with your help we can break the mold of tattoos in society.  There are many of you out there just like us; you wear your story on your body and continue crushing your dreams and aspirations.  Join us here at Tattooed and Successful as we encourage others to do the same!

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 Our Power In Numbers

Thanks to your support, we have increasingly evolved into something exponentially bigger than we've ever thought possible.  Day in and day out, we grind towards our goals and represent the meaning of dedication, grit, and success.  Our message is loud and clear.  Wear it proudly! If you're new to the Tattooed and Successful community, we issue daily updates and content through our Instagram and Facebook platforms.

A Message to the Tattooed and Successful Community

To the Tattooed and Successful community, we believe in you and ask that you join us in changing the view of tattoos in society.  What we place on our body is a symbol of who we are: whether it's the clothes we wear or the tattoos inked onto our skin. In other words, tattoos reflect who we are and what we believe in. They showcase our passion and dedication to our values. Above all, we celebrate our individuality and personal identity.

Help us break the mold. Show others that we are more than the ink on our skin and choose a piece from our carefully curated collections.