Meet The Team

Zach Peterson

CEO / Founder

A serial entrepreneur, Zach Peterson grew up in Boise, ID. After a successful collegiate athlete career, Zach embarked on several profitable businesses in the Treasure Valley. Zach attributes his success to giving every project 110% effort. This story highlights the origins of his latest venture, Tattooed & Successful. Hailed as a premium clothing line, Zach's athletic and competitive spirit is infused into each T&S clothing collection.

Family is the most important piece of Zach's belief system. When Zach isn't designing apparel, he is living an active lifestyle, enjoying every moment as a dad. Tattooed & Successful wouldn't be where it is without his family. Despite only 3 years of T&S in the history books, Zach has already began to leave a lasting legacy.

Let's talk about Tattoos. Zach notes that his tattoos are a direct representation of his past and present personality. Additionally, they reflect the meaning behind his life. This philosophy sparked the initial idea behind Tattooed & Successful. The company represents an ideology to remind everyone that they are more than a stereotype. Regardless of any cultural stigma, T&S was created to remind us all that we will still end up on top. Every day, we break the mold by achieving our goals. This movement was created to recognize talented individuals who are Tattooed & Successful. Checkout the podcast below to hear more insight into Zach's past and present ventures

Marcus Graham

Chief of Operations

Entrepreneur, graphic designer, and basketball coach, Marcus brings an assortment of skills and processes to the table. His primary purpose for Tattooed & Successful is to oversee day to day operations, design and implement different business strategies, as well as set goals for performance and growth. Marcus also provides a great resource to help coach and coordinate others through the business process.

Serenity Rae

Social Media Marketing Manager

Serenity’s passion for social media began in the MySpace era. From social media sales to sharing her life story through the web, she realized social media marketing was something she truly loved. She took over the Tattooed & Successful social channels in November 2021, and thus began her full time career as a Social Media Manager. Serenity runs various accounts for Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram & Facebook. She finds joy in keeping up with all of the current & upcoming trends flowing through the social media channels.

Mac Cornelius

Operations Manager / Executive Assistant


Devin Williams


Photographer, Videographer, social media marketer, and Father. I’m very passionate about my work, and I strive to show the world how important adventure is. I use adventure to help drive my work and inspire others to do so.

Who is Sigma Wolf? I’m the outlier by choice changing the way people people connect with one another!

Chandler Thornton


As a content creator, I get to challenge the definition of what success can look like. From various backgrounds, industries, and life stories I have been fortunate to play an essential role in helping these individuals showcase their meaning of success. It is clear that our lives expand so much more beyond the threshold of stereotypes that come with being inked.

When not working on the brand of T&S I am heavily involved in the culture of Boise State athletics, as well as other local organizations driven by individuals looking to create their own legacy.

I am stoked to be able to contribute to the message this brand shares with its family of tattooed and successful individuals.

Jamie Casella

Ambassador Outreach Coordinator

I’m Jamie Casella, the Ambassador Outreach Coordinator for Tattooed & Successful. I’ve been with this incredible team for a few years now and value our community that consistently keeps growing.

I also run my own Beauty Business with a company called Bellame. I help others look and feel better, starting from the inside out. When I’m not running my Beauty Brand you’ll find me running a household of a beautiful family of four.

Being that I’m a born and raised Idahoan through and through, I’m all in for a brand that wants to BRKTHEMLD and stigma of being tattooed and succeeding in any career.

Cheers 🥂